Trish Love to wear short dresses without panties

up the skirt picture

Trish prefers to not wear panties under her dresses. That way she can show off her nice juice pussy to guys easier.  She can spread her legs apart, and they can get a good view of it.


Today Trish decided to take the bus into town and get a vibrator to come home and play with.  On the bus, she sat back a few rows from some guys, and sat close to edge.  And with her looks she turns heads, and all of the guys watched as she got on, and took her seat. 


As she sat there she spread her legs apart so the guys could look back and enjoy the view.  It wasnít long until a couple of them looked back to check her out again.  Trish could tell by the smile on their faces that they could see her nice juicy pussy.  This of course always made her wetter, and hornier.


Trish got to her stop and got off, and went in the store to get a vibrator to take home and play with.  She picked out a nice vibrator to take home to play with. 


Trish got home, and was dripping wet from showing herself out to the guys in the bus.  She was so wet she didnít need to add any lubricant to the vibrator before she started play.  She turned the vibrator on, and put it in her juicy wet pussy.  She dreamed about having one of the guys on the bus in her wet pussy.  And it wasnít long before she had a big orgasm from the vibrator in her pussy.


Trish hopes to go out tomorrow and show off her pussy while having lunch.


Date: 2010-10-15

i admit that i used to feel that i needed a huge dick to ralely satisfy a woman properly. i'm not small, and am, in fact a little above average (8-1/2 inches long, and slightly under 2 inches across), but when women want a large penis, and they put up an ad for a large one, they generally specify that they are looking for one that's a minimum of 9 or 10 inches. that's the minimum that i usually see requested. and in the porno movies, the absolutely smallest ones are generally larger than 10 inches. so even though i knew that the average size is 6-1/2 to 7 inches, i still felt that my own 8-1/2 inches was less than perfect.don't get me wrong i wasn't insecure about it, and i didn't want it to be bigger. i was happy with it, and satisfied with what i had, and still am today. i just viewed it as being less than perfect. that doesn't mean i would have changed what i had, if possible, but i always made sure to let women who might be interested in me of my size, in case they wanted more.c2a0to sort of make up for things, i got ralely good at giving oral sex (which is good, since i've always especially enjoyed giving oral sex). i didn't think i was lacking. i just wanted to be sure that i would be able to leave any women i was ever with totally satisfied.i have been with many women (not sure exactly how many, but think triple digits) in my lifetime (probably shouldn't be admitting this on a site where women will read it and run the other way, should i?), and haven't ralely had any complaints, to speak of. recently, however, i have been with two different women who have each had as many or more sex partners in their life as i've had (probably shouldn't be admitting this, either, should i?), and they both were extremely pleased with the entire package. one of them e-mailed another lady i know (who introduced us), rambling on incessantly about me, and making several references to what a perfect tool that i had. my other lady friend, in turn, forwarded the e-mail to me, where it went directly to work on my ego (lol).the point is, it has become apparent to me that even though there are evidently some women who need a 9 or 10 inch pecker, or maybe even larger, there are other women (even women who have probably had plenty of men in their lives) who think that 8-1/2 inches is perfect. there are also probably others who think that 6 inches is perfect, or maybe something different.we should all realize that no matter how big or small we may be, our penis is as perfect to some women, as other sized ones are perfect for others. and even if it's not perfect sized for the woman we're with, there are other things to do to make up for the differences. we are what we are. we are how we were made. if we're not satisfied with ourselves, there's nothing we ralely need to do, other than to accept ourselves the way we are. grow to love ourselves exactly the way we are. learn to make the most of ourselves exactly the way we are.-mc2a0

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I have exactly what info I want. Check, please. Wait, it's free? Awoemse!

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